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I can offer you a pleasant time full of emotions, simplicity and complicity.


I can go in anywhere in France or Europe, according to your needs.



Feel free to ask for more informations.

I grew up in the Swiss mountains. I used to do a lot of sport and like being outside. When I was 8, I started horse riding, I was living alone with my mother and horses have been a real benefit to me. I stopped riding for 3 years and started acting class at the “Alambic” in Martigny (10 hours / week). It was a very good experience which helped me to open up, express myself … and become more confident. I also did figure skating (15 hours / week), I learned meticulous work and to surpass myself.

After graduation, I studied to be a secretary for 3 years in Martigny (Switzerland). I was very long but I needed a certificate before fully working with horses. During those 3 years, I met the mare who will change my life: Vany. I owe her everything. She opened my eyes and helped me to start horse shows. And with her, I left Switzerland for France.

  • August 2008: Equestria festival with Vany. It was the beginning of my adventure. We did a good impression to M.Galle, who offer us to integrate the national Studs of France (Haras Nationaux).

  • November 2008 : I stayed with Patrice Raymond for 6 months at his place, near Tarbes, to improve my Cossack vaulting skills (I do not vault anymore now)

  • April 2009: I stayed for 2 years at the national stud in Cluny. I was a wonderful experience and an opportunity to train my troupe because Vany came back to Switzerland in October 2009 (I wasn’t her owner)

  • March 2011 : I left Cluny for the national stud in Rodez where we did a lot of shows


I hold a series of big shows : “la nuit du cheval” in Foix, night shows in Prades, Beaucaire and Saint-Gély du Fesc, Cavadelis, “Cheval Passion”, the feria in Dax, the Horse Meeting in Lunéville and my most beautiful show during the Horse Feria at the Saintes-Maries de la Mer (summer 2014).


  • October 2013: I’m moving to the Camarkas Company with Thierry Pellegrin to improve my dressage skills.

  • December 2013 / February 2015 : I managed a horse boarding in Clermont-Ferrand

  • May 2015 : I was hired for the summer in the national stud of Tarbes to bring life during tours

Biography ... From Switzerland to France

Horse Show

I go anywhere in France and Europe to present my horses and my shows for public or private events. My leading show is “Vent de Liberté” with Alvarito, Ibéro and Estupendo. (Discover them here). This freedom act combine technical figures and emotions. I can also offer you other acts: dressage, hand work, amazon, free riding … You can discover some acts in the “Video” section. I can do between 15 and 40 minutes of show. If you want something special, feel free to ask in the “contact” section.

Horse Training

My sensitivity helps me to understand horses. I had a lot of good results in the past that’s why I can offer you to work with your horse with respect, gentleness and accuracy. I always start on foot (adapted Pat Parelli method) and then, on the horse. I can help horses who can’t go on a truck/van or young horses to teach them the basis.

I also train horses for show and teach them figures as laying down, sitting down, Spanish step, passage …

I can adapt to your horse and your demand.


You can discover the horses I worked with here.

Gilliane Senn Spectacle Equestre
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